Gardé Watches

Gardé is the brand name of watches from the town of Ruhla, manufactured in our richly traditional company since 1862. It is here that we craft quality timepieces and precision engineering components, and where we develop innovative products and ideas. Our watch collections are as varied as the requirements that you place in timepieces, jewellery and fashion. Modern design blends with innovative technology to produce an extensive range of wristwatches, pocket watches and special timepieces like game clocks for hunters and braille watches. You will certainly be surprised by our product lines.


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Precision mechanics

Besides crafting watches, Gardé uses the technology and skill acquired in this area of manufacturing to develop and produce precision engineering assemblies, components and devices. We are predestined partners for bespoke solutions and sensitive components thanks to our in-house fixture engineering, research & development, and our experienced team.