Precision mechanics

Besides crafting watches, Gardé uses the technology and skill acquired in this area of manufacturing to develop and produce precision engineering assemblies, components and devices.
We enjoy challenges. That’s why, besides our standard products, we team up with you to address your particular concerns and to transform them into custom solutions and products. Our intense development work, collaboration with research institutions and our in-house prototype and fixture engineering department has created a broad variety of innovative products for the sectors of electronics/electrical engineering, locking and security technology, automotive, smart card technology and others. Here, we have also created products that are very few others could offer.

Our services for you:

  • development and production of bespoke solutions
  • manufacture of small single pieces, also with strict tolerance requirements
  • mounting as assemblies and devices, either as manual, partially automated or automated installation, depending on the series size
  • production of hard metal cutters to mill the cavity in smart cards
  • manufacture of precision engineering components according to customer requirements
  • contract work
  • ong-standing, proven collaboration with tool construction firms, injection moulding companies, manufacturing firms for electronic modules and special development partners to round off our in-house services
  • process management according to the principles of ISO 9001:2008

Our technical capabilities:

  • machines and special systems for machining small components by means of drilling, milling and thread cutting
  • precision soldering
  • ultrasound welding of plastics
  • radial and orbital riveting
  • vibratory grinding
  • tool grinding equipment
  • measurement and testing technology
  • individually developed facilities and systems to provide bespoke solutions for your tasks in case of special requirements