We possess particular expertise in the manufacture of quality watches and precision engineering components. We transferred the craftsmanship acquired in watchmaking to manufacture processing tools and precision engineering parts, which we have established as a second area of production. We are a mid-sized company with outstanding vertical integration and supply capabilities. Not only do the products that leave our company satisfy the highest quality requirements, we also create continuous innovation and upgrades. For instance, we have developed a revolutionary new generation of radio controlled wristwatches with optimised functional display. Equipped for the American and Japanese radio networks as well, these metal case watches are now distributed worldwide. We draw on fashionable styles to produce a new wristwatch collection each year. Moreover, Gardé caters to special applications and requirements. Hunters deeply appreciate the bite-proof housing on our wild game clocks. A collection for the visually impaired, as well as braille watches with a folding lid and embossed dial, are among the other special watches for particular target groups. We provide specialist retailers with numerous benefits:


  • extensive range

  • regular visits by our field representatives

  • advertising materials to support customer acquisition

  • short delivery times

  • repair service